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Here you will find the beautiful & delicious body oils from ASMI Ayurveda. Naturally pure and rich in nourishing healing substances.

Murali, the founder of Asmi Ayurveda, grew up on a coconut farm in Kerala, following the Ayurveda regimen without ever calling it that. Freshly made hibiscus paste was his shampoo until he turned 17! Making body and hair oils was a family affair with kids responsible for picking the right herbs!

Murali moved to Germany ten years ago and realized the need for an authentic Ayurveda brand, rooted in tradition but modern in design and sustainable in production.

He contacted Dr. Sreekrishnan, a second generation Ayurveda doctor in India to formulate the oils and teas.

Nina Bruun, an award-winning designer from Copenhagen and a jury member of the German Design Prize, gave āsmi her design identity and shape.

For Murali, Ayurveda cannot be authentic if it is not sustainable and socially responsible.